Drop Ins

Interested in Dropping into CFSB?

We always welcome visitors to CrossFit Santa Barbara. If you have been CrossFitting for at least 3 months, you are welcome to drop-in to any of our regularly-scheduled CrossFit classes. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class to meet your coach, sign the waiver, and get acquainted with our space. 

Our drop-in fee is $25. If you will be visiting for an extended period of time, please email info@crossfitsantabarbara.com.

If you are not experienced in CrossFit, please join us for a free community class on the first Saturday of every month at 10am or email info@crossfitsantabarbara.com for more information on our Foundations Class.

**Please note: Due to COVID-19, we are limiting class sizes and requesting sign-ups prior to the start of class. If you plan on dropping in, please email us ahead of time to ensure that we reserve a spot for you! 

**We do not offer Open Gym at this time. Our owner is a physical therapist, and often uses the gym space for her patients in between classes. Thanks for your understanding.